Luigi Sebastiani

"Loving the nature means to walk the same path lots of time and to discover every time something new."

Curious by nature, especially with regard to nature and its manifestations, have always been an amateur ornithologist, nature photographer since 1981.
I am part of ornithological study and research organizations that have helped to enrich my experience.
The images are mostly made in the Veneto area, or neighboring regions, and particularly in Vicenza, where I live.

Modern life full of distractions and hectic, more and more commitments, everyday problems, we distract and distance us further from the natural world.
A natural world that is fast disappearing and with it many forms of life once common.
Some of the species depicted here have already become very rare.
These images they want to be a document, a hope and, at the same time, a tribute to these little winged creatures, unknown to most people, who live "obstinately" next to us.

A thanks goes to my wife Luisa who has always support my passion which in part also has embraced her.
A thanks goes to my son Giulio who is the author of the site.